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The beach of La Mata gains an extra 4 metres in width with the new promenade
Juan Carlos Moragues, the central government delegate in the Comunidad Valenciana, visited La Mata in the municipality of Torrevieja to see for himself the result of the repairs and regeneration work which has been carried out since the heavy storms and flooding of December and March.

120,000 euros have been spent on repairing the pool in Torrevieja
For much of the year the warm climate of the Costa Blanca means that it is possible to enjoy a swim at the beaches of Torrevieja, but with the arrival of wintry temperatures forecast for the latter part of this week it is timely to report that the large municipal indoor swimming pool finally reopened last Friday.

Warmest winter in over 30 years in Torrevieja
Torrevieja has just had its hottest December since records began in 1927 with the province basking in the warmest winter for over 30 years.


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Funding approved for la zenia n332 improvements

Last year the Road Ministry in Alicante initially wanted to close off streets Maestro Torrabla and Alhambra to the traffic.

Martina Scheurer as well as Antonio Zapata both went personally to Alicante on different occasions to discuss this matter and have insistently forwarded suggestions to avoid the closing of those 2 streets.

Finally the Ministry agreed on the plans which will turn these two streets into a one-way access routes coming from the Roundabout on the N332.

To achieve this, the parking spaces in front of Al Fresco will be turned into a green traffic isle. In the area opposite, following in line with the Taxi stand an area will be rehabilitated to create additional parking.

On the other side of the N332 and in front of Deutsche Bank a so far missing foot path will be created to give continuity into the Avenida del Mar for pedestrians using the foot bridge.

Narrowing of Calle Alhambra to a one-way street will also give the possibility to change the line of parking spaces into an angle formation which will enable easy access and more cars to park.

The work will be carried out by the company Pavasal, specialised in executing work for the Ministry and also being the most economic of the 3 existing offers at a price of approximately 46.000€.

The amount will be financed by the Planning Department in Orihuela.

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